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China backs ‘easier-to-stomach’ Israeli colon screening

Oct 27, 2014

A major Chinese company is investing Israel’s Check-Cap, developer of a new technology to allow for non-invasive colon cancer screening that could save millions of lives. The company claims its little pill-like gadget avoids the extremely unpleasant laxative-enema colon “cleaning” process and the uncomfortable colonoscopy, too. The device is still in the testing stage, but if all this pans out, the hope is that many more people will go for a checkup that can catch deadly colon cancer before it’s too late.

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2014 CCAC Annual Gala

November 12, 2014

Clear your schedule the night of November 12, 2014! You are cordially invited to join the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (CCAC) for a fantastic evening full of live art, comedy and great company. This year the CCAC will be hosting the 5th installment of their annual Gala.

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