Have you found your Valentine yet?

Have you found your Valentine yet?

It’s still a few days away, but the CCAC wants to wish you and your beloved a happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’re still searching for the perfect way to show someone you care, consider the 2010 Lifesaver bracelet from Anzie Jewellery.

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Making healthy choices in a Frito-Lay world

This image is a fabulous metaphor for the daily struggle to make healthy choices.

“CHOOSE SENSIBLY” and “HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVES” indeed! Sorry folks, Skittles don’t count as a serving of fruit.

Most of us know that we should be choosing the carrot sticks over the chips, and there’s no shortage of research confirming the importance of diet and lifestyle in the prevention of colorectal cancer and other serious diseases. The picture of this vending machine was taken in a hospital. Temptation is truly everywhere.

Arm yourself with knowledge. Eating right doesn’t mean you have to eat like a rabbit! Stay tuned for some delicious recipes that promote digestive health and overall wellness. In the meantime, buy generic tadacip online, visit the CCAC’s prevention guidelines page and read up on some recent colon cancer prevention news:




For better or worse, you are what you eat!

Hello, world!

You’re beautiful, every last inch of you. Inside and out. Has anybody told you that today? Perhaps somebody has commented on how your body looks (you sexy thing, you!), but has anybody told you about how gorgeously intricate your body is on the inside? Or how you have the power to make choices about its care?

This is the incredible body that you will inhabit for the rest of your life, and the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada wants it to be a long and healthy life. I’d like to challenge you to think a bit about the backside you’re sitting on right now. I’d like to challenge you to step up to the plate and begin talking about some of the more socially awkward but no less vital parts of your body.

The internet is a powerful tool, and we can’t afford to ignore its potential. With every click that hurls a funny picture of a cat across cyberspace and into your loved one’s inbox, you have also the power to disseminate information that could save someone’s life. Information about the screening procedures available to you. Information about the healthy lifestyle choices that can prolong your life and decrease your risks of colorectal cancer. Information about the incredible events the CCAC is putting on to educate, raise funds and spread awareness. Information about the incredible people who live with and work towards beating this disease. This is what our blog is here for.
I’d like to start an open dialogue about colorectal cancer. Get off your butt and start talking about your butt!