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Finding credible information on the internet

Finding credible information on the internet

The web is a valuable source of  information. You may be reading this blog for that very reason! It can also be a scary place for a concerned patient or caregiver to navigate, where misinformation can spread like wildfire and people with negative intentions have access to larger-than-ever audiences. The world wide web is, more or less, the Wild West of the computerized world.

There is no shortage of websites claiming to provide important health news, so how do you protect yourself from fraud, misinformation and marketing ploys disguised as medical advice? More >

The great folate debate

An interesting topic found its way into our inbox today: the issue of increased folic acid in food and the possibility that increased levels can be linked to colorectal cancer.

A concerned citizen and friend of the CCAC  wrote to Health Canada online pharmacy to ask about the practice of “fortifying” (adding nutrients, of which folic acid is an example) to everyday items, using flour as an example. Since the enrichment of flour with nutrients like folic acid is the standard in Canada, she was particularly concerned with the results of some studies, which suggest that higher folic acid levels are partly linked to colorectal cancer.

Health Canada replied that the mandatory enrichment of white flour is a cornerstone of Canada’s fortification program, aimed at helping to prevent nutritional deficiencies and maintain or improve the nutritional quality of the food supply.

So as a person trying to prevent or beat colorectal cancer, where should one stand in the great folate debate?

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Another team mate added to our roster!

And Cathy makes two! You may already know Cathy, one of the CCAC’s administrative assistants- she is often the first person you reach when you call the CCAC, and it’s she who fields many of your initial cancer support calls.  Add her place in the CCAC’s running team to her bio!

It’s only a month and a half until the Banque Scotia 21K et 5K de Montréal, and we need help raising funds for our team. The Cheeky Butts (you read that correctly) will be taking part in the 5K event, and we’ve set up an easy-to-navigate page just for the event:

Donate and sponsor our team, or sign up to raise funds and join us on race day. Our fundraising goal is $10,000, and we can’t do it without you! Every little bit counts, and we want to have the biggest, rowdiest, most energetic team we can! The first 20 people to join our team and raise $500 will get the race registration free.

Let’s raise awareness while having a fabulous day in the April sun. Space in the 5K event is limited, so sign up now!

But what does it all mean?

Did you know that the CCAC had an online glossary of colorectal cancer-related terms? If you’re arming yourself with knowledge of the disease, it helps to know the lingo- especially if you will be taking advantage of the many medical credible journal articles available online. From Abdomen to Yttrium, the list will help you better understand publications on the CCAC website and conversations with your doctor. 

Click here to familiarize yourself with the CCAC’s glossary of terms.

We’ve started training, have you?

Chances are you’ve been thinking about spring for weeks, especially if you’re getting hit with the wet snow the CCAC staff is plowing through in Montreal! There’s no time for us to think about the slush, though- not with Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month starting in just a few days, plus all of the spring and summer athletic events coming up. Our very busy Director of National Development even took the time to sign up for a running event here in Montreal!

But she can’t do it alone.  We’re currently recruiting team members for the Banque Scotia 21K et 5K de Montréal. Come run or walk with us!  Getting exercise in the (comparatively) balmy mid-April air while raising awareness and funds for the CCAC is a great way to honour a loved one, celebrate survivorship or take a stand. Whatever your reason, contact us to sign up today!

Need pointers? Read about preventing the top three running aches after the break!

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A new series of patient support groups in Toronto

A new series of patient support groups in Toronto

The CCAC is proud to announce the creation of an ongoing colorectal cancer support group in Toronto.

The group will be meeting the third Sunday of every month at the Wellspring Cancer Centre Odette House location (84 Wellesley Street East -Toronto, ON).  The support group will be led by Margaret Cutrara, a very knowledgeable oncology nurse. The first session will be taking place during National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, on March 21st. We can’t wait to give you more details!

Chocolate as an occasional colon-healthy snack – thank flavonoids!

Chocolate as an occasional colon-healthy snack – thank flavonoids!

The CCAC staff is enjoying a chocolaty mid-afternoon snack. And why not? Dark chocolate is one of the many delicious edibles with antioxidant compounds known as  flavonoids. Enjoy a little chocolate in moderation – especially dark chocolate, which has higher antioxidant properties than its milk chocolate counterpart. More >

The Giant Colon Tour – Day 2 in Sudbury, ON

The Giant Colon Tour – Day 2 in Sudbury, ON

Day 2 went off without a hitch in Sudbury, Ontario yesterday. Check out the photos we snapped of the event after the break. Be sure to stop by today for the final day the Giant Colon is in the New Sudbury Center, it’s free and informative!

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An inspiration to us all – and his Crazy, Cheezy Dream.

File this under weird, wacky and true- a very generous contest hopeful and potential CCAC donor needs your help!

Mark Stewart is an excellent example of a person using the tools he has attempt to make change.  He’s entered the Doritos Viralocity contest with the dream of using the prize money to support charities like the CCAC. You can help by spreading the word about his contest entry- in fact, the winning video will be chosen by its number of views!

To explain his quest, visit the site he has set up, Learn about how he lost his mother to cancer, his life with Crohn’s disease and about how he’s giving back. He also expalins the contest in more detail, and lists the charities he will donate the prize money to.

Then, view his submission at Use the page’s Facebook, Twitter and Digg buttons to easily share it with your friends!  Viral marketing, the concept this contest is based on, means getting the message out through word-of-mouth. The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada is no stranger to the concept, and we need your help, too.

What an inspiration Mark Stewart is! Using the unlikeliest of methods, he could make a real difference. Let’s help him with his Crazy, Cheezy Dream! And let’s hope that he uses his talent in the CCAC’s PSA Contest, too!