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Hey, Toronto hockey fans! Ever seen a Giant Colon?

Hey, Toronto hockey fans! Ever seen a Giant Colon?

The CCAC reaches out to the web development community: “Help us help patients!”

The CCAC wants to ensure that every colorectal cancer patient has access to the knowledge that can help them beat the disease… but with an estimated 22,500 new cases per year, we have our hands full!

With just a small team of professional staff, we know that achieving our goal of improving patient outcomes in Canada means branching out to new communities.

Cue the CODE YOUR ART OUT competition- a big, beautiful idea from Microsoft.

The CCAC is proud to announce that we’re an official competition supporter for this first-time web application contest, which aims to help non-profits harness the power of technology and better help their communities.

We proposed a project that would help patients with the daunting task of keeping track of symptoms while undergoing treatment. How cool would it be to have a one-stop web application that could help you better communicate with your cancer care team?

Do you know a hacker-with-heart who’s looking for a special project?  Do you have an idea for a web application that could help patients (and other non-profits!) better navigate the world? Help us spread the word!

Watch the conversations unfold on Twitter with #codeyourartout and follow @codeyourartout for up-to-the-minute news!



Here’s your apportunity to win up to $15,000 and earn top recognition!

“Code Your Art Out” is about helping non-profits harness the power of technology in order to better serve its communities and members. It’s also about blending Microsoft technologies with other technologies to create applications that connect people, data, and diverse systems in new ways; bringing it all together in one ground breaking application.

Application submissions will be judged on Interoperability, Creativity and Usability. The competition kicks off March 1st and ends on June 1st. The top two finalists will be announced on June 10th and will compete for first and second place on the evening of June 24th in downtown Toronto. First place wins $10,000! Second place wins $5,000! And, there is a bonus prize of $5,000 to be awarded by TechSoup Canada, to one or both finalists, based on non-profit application eligibility.

If you develop a killer app and are not a finalist, you’ll still be able to present at the main event, and you’ll be featured on various Microsoft websites.  Basically you’ll still get props if you put in the time to create something awesome.