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“Buttboards” beckon bigwigs at the ASCO AGM

We met with prominent oncologists from around the world at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference in Chicago earlier this month- and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get cheeky.

Our GetYourButtSeen-themed booth and educational butt-boards were a rare treat in a sea of oh-so-serious displays, and many doctors took the  time to stop by our booth and create virtual butts of their own. There were some good laughs and extremely positive comments on our edgy virtual awareness campaign.

These specialists, who deal with the seriousness of cancer treatment on a daily basis, are ready to bare their butts. Are you?

Heartfelt thanks to CCAC Board Members Garry Sears and Eva Hoare for joining Frank (our Patient & Volunteer Support guru), Michelle (our Business Operations Director) and Barry (CCAC president) in the Windy City.

Addressing Quality of Care Issues in the Colorectal Cancer Patient Pathway

Addressing Quality of Care Issues in the Colorectal Cancer Patient Pathway

The CCAC hosted its third Round Table conference in Vancouver last month. Entitled Addressing Quality of Care Issues in the Colorectal Cancer Patient Pathway, the conference’s participants came together to discuss how they could better provide patients with seamless access to quality  colorectal cancer care. Notable healthcare professionals from various disciplines and provinces engaged in deep discussions and group workshops to create strategies and projects to improve patient outcomes. Screening, treatment, navigation, survivorship and palliative care concepts were all explored.

We were very fortunate to host Dr. Robyn Boushay and Dr. Michael Fung Kee Fung who discussed the Ottawa Hospital’s multidisciplinary Communities of Practice care model. They shared their positive experiences in implementing this model at the Champlain Hospital region and we hope to spread their ideas to other hospitals and provincial healthcare authorities.

Keeping active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key preventative measure for colorectal cancer. As part of the Round Table’s healthy lifestyle agenda, participants engaged in morning and afternoon exercise activities such as yoga, tai-chi, jogging and biking!

We’re back home in Montreal now, and we think this conference was a great success!  We can’t wait to get started on new project ideas that will help improve the colorectal cancer patient pathway.