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Are Canadian drinking guidelines strict enough?

A Twitter follower tipped us off to a Canadian Medical Association Journal article that analyzes “sensible” drinking and cancer prevention- and concludes that new guidelines may be needed.

From the article’s description on the CMAJ site:

Guidelines for sensible drinking do not take the dose-response relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer risk into consideration. According to Latino-Martel and colleagues, the amount of evidence for the link between alcohol consumption and cancer has recently increased. On the whole, alcohol is considered an avoidable risk factor for cancer. Current guidelines for sensible drinking are not adequate for the prevention of cancer, and new guidelines based on scientific evidence are needed. Full article

You will need a paid account to access the full CMAJ article, but Carly Weeks’ Globe and Mail article explains our current state of affairs nicely:

In Canada, there are no federally established drinking standards. But low-risk drinking guidelines created by researchers from the University of Toronto and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, which have been endorsed by many health organizations, say men should consume no more than 14 alcoholic drinks in a week, and women no more than nine.

The Globe and Mail reports that a brand new set of Canadian drinks-per-week guidelines is in the works.

Here’s to hoping that Canada’s policy makers will pay attention to studies like this, a Centre for Addiction and Mental Health collaboration which found that alcohol use above “daily recommended limits” leads to several types of cancers.

Canada’s first national drinking guidelines are expected to be released later this year. Do you feel this will have an impact on the amount of alcohol you consume? Discuss!

Picture update: The Giant Colon in partnership with the CHUM

The centre court of Complex Desjardins provided a bustling backdrop to the Giant Colon Tour’s partnership with the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM).

This weekend of colorectal cancer awareness was staffed by CHUM doctors, nurses and pharmacists, along with reps from key CCAC sponsors like ConvaTec. The opening ceremonies were emceed by Lorraine Cordeau, a close friend of the CCAC and wife of the late and great George Thurston. As always, our Giant Colon Tour team was on hand to answer questions and spread the word about our cause.

Many thanks to the coordinators of the CHUM event- we’ll see you next year!