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Held at the Little Current Recreation Centre, the Giant Colon was an integral part of the first ever Aboriginal Cancer Prevention Symposium for Northern Ontario.  The event, hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society, was attended by numerous Aboriginal dignitaries as well as other community leaders.  Two days of intensive information sharing and workshops took place with various health care professionals attending.  A big thanks to Bruce of the Anchor Inn for his assistance during our stay in Little Current.

WINNIPEG, MB – September 8-9

In conjunction with the annual Kickbutt Walk/Run, the Giant Colon appeared at Kildonan Place and, as usual, was a big hit at the mall.  Once again, a big thank you to the Kickbutt team who, despite their heavy commitment organizing and operating this superb fundraising event, managed to find the time to visit and support us during our visit.  In attendance as well was the Cancer Care Manitoba folks with their booth, and astonishingly, our own cancer coach, Joan Madrigga, who dropped in before the mall even open, making her presence known.  Overall, a successful visit and a note of appreciation to the Kickbutt team that once again put on a phenomenal display of organization in their drive to raise funds for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada.

WINNIPEG, MB – September 1-3

Once again, the Giant Colon returned to the Garden City shopping centre as part of the Kick Butt Run for Colorectal Cancer event that is so successful in raising funds for our organization.  As usual, the Kick Butt team was on hand being their resourceful selves and helping us make this visit a success.  Also in attendance was a representative from Cancer Care Manitoba.