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Montrealers toured The Giant Colon at Salon Ma Santé – April 10-11

The Giant Colon exhibit was present at the Salon Ma Santé event at Complexe Desjardins on April 10th and 11th to promote screening and awareness for colorectal cancer. Over 8,000 visitors entered the exhibit during the two days of the event to learn about nine different colon pathologies and to listen to a presentation on cancer prevention by our resident muppet scholar, Dr. Preventino.

CCAC staff were on site to answer questions from hundreds of keen visitors and to distribute educational material about colorectal cancer facts, screening, and symptoms. Numerous visitors stated that their experience at the 40ft long, 8ft tall exhibit helped to eliminate any reservations they had about speaking with their doctor about colorectal cancer and obtaining a colonoscopy.

Partners of the Giant Colon present at the event included Warnex Laboratories, Dairy Farmers of Canada, the Greater Montreal Foundation and the Opmedic clinic.

The CCAC hopes that this wildly successful event will continue in future years to raise awareness about colorectal cancer among thousands of Montrealers.

First Annual White Shirt Day – April 13

The first annual White Shirt and Tie Day was organized by Lisa Churchward and took place on April 13, 2012.

“My husband worked in a business casual office for many years. Everyday he wore a white shirt and tie to work. When he became sick, his co-workers held a white shirt and tie day in support of him and his battle with Colorectal Cancer. This picture is from the first year. Every year since, in order to display their love and support for my husband, his co-workers, family and friends have worn a white shirt and tie in memory and awareness of his cancer. This year was a special year as it was the first year that this event has caught on and we had participation in three different provinces. I thank everyone for their support of my husband, and in helping to bring awareness to the plight of colorectal and hereditary cancers.”