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Make Your Purchases Count For the CCAC

Imagine earning a free donation for the CCAC every time you shop or buy something online. Well this is now possible though our partnership with When you download the free app or visit our online mall you’ll earn a donation every time you spend at over 2,000 participating merchants, including: Amazon, Travelocity, Macy’s, H&R Block, Netflix, and 1-800 Flowers.

It only takes a moment to download the app onto your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome), and once installed, you’ll be notified anytime you visit a website where your purchase is eligible to earn a free donation. This way, you’ll know every time a percentage of your purchase is going to a good cause – it’s that easy!

Donations range from 0-15% of the purchase price, depending on the merchant. Get started and join nearly 3 million others shopping with purpose!

1. Download (
The CCAC is completely FREE and allows you to earn donations when you shop at over 2,000 participating merchants.

2. Shop
Browse and shop the web as you normally would. Anytime you see our app reminder, you are eligible for a free donation with purchase.

3. Donate for FREE
With our App installed a percentage of what you spend at participating online merchants is automatically returned to us as a donation.


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1st Annual Rollin’ for Colon Huge Success

Blog written by Sharon Robart-Johnson
Author of Africa’s Children: A History Of Blacks In Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

The 1st Annual Rollin’ for Colon event took place July 20, 21, 22, 2012. Seventy people attended and a great time was had by all. Our event is the first of its kind in Canada because it was a motorcycle & motor coach tour bus event. Everyone and anyone could participate, not only motorcyclists.

On Friday evening, the 20th, registrants were treated to a free seafood chowder and entertainment before preparing for the following day’s tour and poker run. The distance of the tour was 465 kms and left Yarmouth by way of the South Shore on Saturday at 9:00 am making a stop at the Shelburne Tim Horton’s then travelling to Liverpool where we stopped for lunch. We then travelled across country at Kejimikujik National Park to the Annapolis Valley and Bear River for a stop at the Cherry Blossom Festival, returning home to Yarmouth where that evening participants were treated to a quarter chicken dinner with all the fixings plus a cake for dessert which was donated by Atlantic Super Store.

We also had an auction of items that were donated and we made $588.50 on that auction. Proceeds from that auction were donated to two local groups – The Gilles Boudreau Foundation which assists cancer patients with travel costs to and from other hospitals if treatments are not available at the South West Health Cancer Centre in Yarmouth. The other group is the local prostate cancer support group. We were pleased to be able to donate locally as well as raise money for CCAC.

To add a humourous note: Our fantastic auctioneer actually sold a torn brown 9X12 envelope with cancelled stamps and writing on it because he told the people that there may or may not be something in it. The envelope sold for $2 and had he waited another minute, another biker would have bid $5 for it. The biker was a good sport and he laughed along with the rest of us. We are still laughing about it and teasing him about buying an old brown torn envelope. The best part of this event – we raised $1935.00 for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada and for a first time event, that is fantastic. Our 2nd Annual Rollin’ for Colon which will take place July 19, 20, 21, 2013 will do much better, now that it is known that this event is taking place. We have had nothing but positive feedback and we could not be happier.

For those who do not know what a poker run is, it simply means that all paid participants, on their return to the start location, can choose seven playing cards and from those seven, pick five that will make the best poker hand. Prizes were awarded on Saturday evening after the meal for the best poker hands.

Jen’s Booty Banter: Shake Your Booty.

Exercise. We hear ad nauseum of how it is good for the heart, good for your mental state and a good way to keep your weight in check. In fairness, the list of benefits is long and for good reason. But here’s one that doesn’t usually get talked about: exercise keeps you pooping. And honestly, is there anything more glorious? When you aren’t as regular as you could be, well, you know it and it is uncomfortable. The bloating, the gas pains and just feeling out of sorts. It is terrible. Why put up with that when moving your booty will keep everything inside, well, moving too.

I am always amazed at how it works. I just combine some booty action (of any type) with veggies in my diet I am a pooping princess. And with that, life is just such a good thing.

Don’t take my word on it. Do yourself a favour and get off the couch or step away from your desk. You don’t need to run a marathon (although I am a fan — sure keeps my booty booting) but there are simple ways you can sneak in some extra moves into your daily life.

Is there anything easier than fitting walking into your day? It is cheap, only requires solid shoes and is easy on your joints (and every other part of your body for that matter). The general rule is the faster you walk the more benefits you’ll get. Walk briskly (anywhere between 5 km and 6 km an hour) and your body will thank you. Walking can be a great social enhancer too. Grab a friend and catch up and burn some calories. And you can do that during your lunch break.

Walking is also a great way to slow down and admire the world around you. Crank it up a notch by throwing in some hills or even hiking and you’ll have a great addition to your daily life — including great visits to the loo. Need some great paths? Check out the Trans Canada Trail for ideas.

There are many ways to slip exercise in your life (including booty calls!) and I plan on sharing some of those ways to get your heart rate up and keep you regular. Always remember that whatever you choose to do, especially with all this heat, it is critical to drink a lot of water. If you don’t hydrate, you can constipate.

Until next time, shake your booty.

Jennifer Hartley is a features writer and copy editor for Ottawa Life Magazine and writer for Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Previously she was theatre editor for Ottawa Xpress and now defunct Metro newspaper and has written articles for a variety of magazines across the country and abroad in the United Kingdom.

Strawberries, Raspberries & Blueberries, Oh My!

Summer is here, which means that berry season has arrived in Quebec, giving local merchants and fresh berry lovers reason to rejoice! Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are packed with antioxidants known to prevent many diseases, including certain forms of cancer.

Numerous studies have shown that eating fresh fruits and vegetables help reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer. And they are so delicious this time of year how can one resist!

Stock up for winter

Stock up on fresh berries now while the season lasts as these tiny treasures are not alway easy or budget friendly to find. Buy them in bulk and freeze them so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of these delicious treats even during the winter months. Enjoy this healthy and refreshing smoothie recipe from the CCAC’s kitchen!

Berry Smoothie :

–       4 cups of any berries of your choice
–       1/3 cup of juice of your choice
–       1 tsp of maple syrup
–       a few fresh mint leaves

Puree the berries until you get a mixture that is not too smooth or too lumpy

Add the maple syrup and mix well

Let it stand in the freezer for 2 hours

Remove from the freezer and let it defrost for about 10 minutes

Add mint leaves for decoration and enjoy!

Generous donation from a role model and Olympic champion: Francois-Louis Tremblay

Generous donation from a role model and Olympic champion: Francois-Louis Tremblay

It was with great enthusiasm that the CCAC welcomed the Olympic gold-medal winning short track speed skater at its offices in Montreal to accept a donation of $1000.00. François-Louis Tremblay generously chose our cause in honour of his courageous mother who survived colorectal cancer.

Francois-Louis Tremblay is an accomplished athlete who participated in the Winter Olympics in 2002, 2006 and 2010. Tremblay has won five Olympic medals, including two gold. However, what catches our attention is not the number of medals won, but his active lifestyle that makes him a role model for young and old alike. Having supported his mother in her fight against colorectal cancer, Francois-Louis Tremblay is well aware of the risks posed by the disease and ways to prevent it. Our meeting with the athlete was also an opportunity to discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and early detection, which can in turn prevent him from developing the disease.

Colorectal cancer is preventable through early detection!

Many thanks and good luck to the athlete in future competitions.

Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon and 5K run/walk

On June 24th, conditions were almost perfect for the 4,500+ runners from 22 countries who took off from UBC at 7:30 am on the majestic course down to Stanley Park: 11 degrees, sunny with some cloud cover, and no wind. Another 2,000 took part in the accompanying 5K in the park, and together they raised an impressive $630,000 for 60 charities in the Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge.

The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada wishes to thank all the participants who raised for our cause. Special thanks to our fantastic volunteers Deb Imada and Tara Ciecko who set up and manned the very impressive CCAC information booth at the start/finish line.