This Giant Colon visit took place on the grounds of the Fisher River Cree Nation Health Centre and was the first stop on our Manitoba aboriginal tour. A unique experience for our trip this time as we got to see a large black bear up close and the GC was joined by the local Fire Chief and the department fire truck. Staff indicated that, due to the GC visit, it was their most successful health fair that they’ve ever had. Also, as part of our visit, we were treated to a ceremonial tribal dance.

A special thanks goes out to Cindy Hart, Director of Health Services, and Wanda Joy Murdock, a community health nurse, who were instrumental in bringing this phenomenal teaching tool to the reserve. Also, we are grateful to Alvin, of the Fisher River Cree Nation Health Centre and a volunteer fire fighter, who provided us much appreciated support during our visit to Fisher River. Our Patient and Volunteer Support Co-ordinator, Frank Pitman, took the time out from his regular duties to assist us with this far north visit.