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Mississauga Healthy Living Expo Inbox

The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (CCAC) was honoured to be among the 30 exhibitors at the Mississauga Healthy Living Expo held on June 8th, 2013. The event was organized by the Mississauga Board of Chinese Professionals so the population could visit with exhibitors for up-to-date health care information and attend free seminars. The seminars, held in Chinese and English, featured prominent speakers on topics related to improving your health and well being.

Special thanks to Amgen for providing our booth space and to the great volunteers Sherron Chiu, Belinda Tham, Anna Marie Laidlaw and Becky Lee for representing the CCAC with such distinction.

The Giant Colon at “Gutsy Walk”

The Giant Colon Tour visited the beautiful University of British Columbia’s campus for the second time this year. The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada’s (CCFC) Vancouver Chapter held their annual “Gutsy Walk” June 9th, 2013 at Thunderbird Park and the Giant Colon was the main attraction for their health conscious supporters. Located at the “Start/Finish” line, over 350 participants walked through our large pink colon during the event.


So many good people showed up at the STRIKE OUT COLON CANCER softball game/family day event in Pierrefonds on June 1st in honor of Stephen Lisiak. Over $5000 was raised for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada through online donations, participation fees, raffles, silent auction, bracelet sales and food sales. Big thanks to Lisa Lisiak, Steve Legg, the fabulous AJ and all the friends and family who were there to pay tribute to a truly great person. Online donations can still be made for the event at the following website:

Survivor Series: Some Stage 4 CRC patients’ observations after 7 years!

Some Stage 4 CRC patients’ observations after 7 years!

1: Life is the journey, cancer is but a series of speed bumps and detours.
2: Cancer is a team sport! With all the different doctors and medical professionals
involved, it’s easy to lose control. As the patient, be the team coach! No the puck!
3: Pay no attention to life expectancy statistics. They are all out of date and your
objective is to prove them wrong anyway!
4: Ask the doctors lots of questions. If you don’t understand the answers ask them to
explain. If they don’t, get another doctor! If you’re unsure, get a second opinion!
Remember you’re the coach in the most important game, your life!
5: Join a support group. Share your experiences and learn from others. You are not
alone. Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing.

Anonymous CCAC Patient, April 17, 2013
20 months life expectancy November 2006