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“Let’s sing our butts off for Colorectal Cancer”

On March 7th 2014, The Bentley, Yorkton, SK. hosted a fundraiser event called “Let’s sing our butts off for Colorectal Cancer.” It was a fun entertaining evening that gave everyone the chance to live out their rock star dream while adorned from head to toe in Blue! A variety of appetizers and drinks were served and there were raffle prizes to be won. The event raised $705.00!

This fundraiser hit home with quite a few residents. Some have battled the disease and won, some have lost a loved one to the disease and others are going though it right now. A big thanks to all the residents for opening up their home to help raise awareness and to show support.

Colorectal Cancer isn’t a topic that everyone loves to talk about. Our guest speaker of the night, Lorna Scott was eager to address the elephant in the room. Her knowledge and personal story left everyone with some keys facts and touching words.
‘Why be concerned about colon cancer? Well, it is the second leading cancer-related killer in Canada among men and women combined. So let’s talk about it!!’ Was one of the clear messages Lorna wanted to convey.

Lorna is a volunteer with the CCAC and she provided attendees with an informative presentation of signs and symptoms regarding colorectal cancer. Colon cancer is the most preventable and beatable cancer if detected early. That’s why we need to encourage everyone age 50 or older to get screened. Lorna also shared her own story about her husband, who passed away from colorectal cancer. Through her loss, she has written a book that helps others to find peace, hope and joy during a time when they may feel surrounded by darkness and sadness. It is the blend of her story as a caregiver for her husband, the lessons she learned along the way, encouragement about speaking to your doctor, and her inspirational words that serve to help others find their own peace, hope and joy.

Another great highlight of the evening was the excitement of the raffle prizes. Many thanks to our raffle sponsors as half of the funds raised would not have been possible without the wonderful prizes donated.

Special thanks to Jen Fitzpatrick, Executive Director at The Bentley Yorkton Revera – Retirement Living for organizing the event!

National Dress in Blue Day

Did you know that colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in Canada? This year 23,900 men and women will be diagnosed with the disease and sadly over 9,200 individuals will die from it. However, this cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable in 90% of cases if discovered early.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, and the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (CCAC) will be hosting its second-annual, Dress in Blue Day on Friday, March 7th. We have been asking schools, business, and organizations all across Canada to show their support for colorectal cancer awareness by dressing in blue.

Partaking in Dress in Blue Day is easy. Similar to Denim Day where participants wear denim to benefit the CURE Foundation, on Dress in Blue Day participants wear blue to support The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada and those affected by colorectal cancer. The CCAC would like to partner with you to spread awareness and fundraise for colorectal cancer. Please encourage your colleagues, friends & family to participate as well.

The CCAC is dedicated to increasing awareness of colorectal cancer, supporting patients, and advocating for accessible services, and would be happy to provide resources for you. These include healthy-eating pamphlets and informational posters which can be displayed in your office or distributed to your staff. There is no cost to participate in this event, but the CCAC strongly encourages everyone to donate to help support colorectal cancer; even a few dollars can truly make a difference. To register for this event, for more information or to make a donation please visit: