Cancer Conversations that Matter, a Canadian Cancer Action Network (CCAN) initiative funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, took place at the Berkeley Field House in Toronto on Saturday, November 19, 2016.

The Canadian Cancer Action Network (CCAN) invited cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, patient groups and concerned citizens, to add their voice to an important national conversation to help further inform cancer care dialogue and cancer patient outcomes in Canada.

Frank Pitman, responsible for patient support at the CCAC, participated in this day long event. Frank is also a colorectal cancer survivor and was a caregiver for his younger sister who died of colorectal cancer when she was just 44 years old.

Cancer Conversations that Matter is a unique café style event that brought together Canadians with a cancer story, lived experience or interest in sharing their perspectives in order to offer input into Canada’s cancer strategy This one day event focused on exploring and discussing three current issues in cancer control:

Canada’s aging population: Drawing on the lived experiences of patients and family caregivers to help highlight the unique needs and unaddressed challenges experienced by Canada’s aging population.

Screening: Addressing the problems of access to screening for low income families, and identifying what can be done to improve cancer screening rates for Canadians facing financial and other barriers.

Cancer data: Exploring key emerging issues in the collection and use of cancer data in Canada; how cancer data is used to navigate or improve the cancer journey and how cancer data may be applied to advocacy practices to improve outcomes.