Look at the magnificent Giant Colon, curled up in all its glory! That’s an aerial shot of the St. Lawrence lobby at Queen’s Park in. The Giant Colon will be there today and tomorrow to delight and perplex Torontonians yet again. Like it did during its last visit at Dufferin Mall, the Colon and its crew are generating quite a buzz for Toronto’s Twitter community. Here’s what people are saying:

  • “Embarrassingly excited to walk through the giant colon in T minus 10 minutes.”
  • “Yes, my friends, that is, in fact, THE GIANT COLON. I’m actually pretty excited about this, kudos to the Ministry of Health Promotion!”
  • “There is a giant colon in the lobby. You can walk through it. http://ow.ly/1njJY I’m in slight shock.”
  • “Going on a date to it tomorrow! Really! Ah romance. RT The Giant Colon will be back in Toronto at Queen’s Park tomorrow…”
  • “No surprise there. I guess I have always just assumed that Queen’s Park might be at the end of the Giant Colon.” (funny!)

Nothing slips past you, Toronto!

Coming up this weekend, the Giant Colon will be at Salon des Générations in Montreal, at the Olympic Stadium. Entry to this trade show for all ages is free!

Then it’s on to Peterborough (March 23rd – 24th) and then Pembroke (March 26th – 27th) for Dr. Preventino and his knowledgeable sidekicks.