Most Canadians have the benefit of screening networks at the provincial level, and we believe that all people around the world deserve that same opportunity.

To that end, our friends at the Colorectal Cancer and Colon Cancer coalitions south of the border have their own Buttmob forming, and it’s all in the name of advocacy. Tell your American friends:

Call your congressman on Tuesday March 30, 2010 and urge them to support the Colorectal Cancer Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment Act. Americans around the country will be calling their legislators as part of the “Congressional Butt-In” a day-long effort organized by C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition. On that day, constituents are urged to flood their legislators offices with phone calls about important programs which would not only save millions of taxpayer dollars, but more importantly, have a positive impact on the number of colon cancer deaths each year.

Think about it:

“A National Colorectal Cancer Screening Program has the potential to help tens of thousands of Americans each year get the screening they need, at a fraction of what it would cost to care for their late stage cancer diagnoses if their care was delayed until they were in the Medicare system.”C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition

Here’s some proud Canadian advocacy news: Newfoundland and Labrador has finally announced its intention to create a population-based screening program! Newfoundland was the last remaining province without a screening network. Over 500,000 Canadians there will now have better access to lifesaving tests. Stay tuned for details on the program’s implementation.

Click here to learn more about the CCAC’s advocacy goals.