PET Scan: Positron emission tomography – specialized way to look at the organs of the body according to how fast they metabolize (use up) sugar; can be used to detect cancerous cells. Cancer cells have a high metabolism and absorb sugar faster than non-cancerous cells.

The CCAC is constantly exploring potential partnerships in the cancer care community. We all have the same goal- saving lives and beating colorectal cancer.

For the purpose of improving patient outcomes, the CCAC has now partnered with KMH Labs, based in southern Ontario. They provide access to a state-of-art PET/CT diagnostics overseen by a highly qualified panel of specialists. PET/CT services are available to Ontario-based colorectal cancer patients wishing to seek access through a physician referral (family physician, medical/surgical oncologist, or other healthcare provider). KMH Labs is offering this valuable service at a substantially reduced cost to those patients referred by the CCAC and will also furnish transportation for those patients unable to secure transportation to and from the clinic.

Need more information?  Contact the CCAC at 1-877-50-COLON (26566) or KMH Labs directly at 905-855-1860, or by visiting their website here.

We will be updating our website soon with more about PET’s utility in the detection of colorectal cancer . In the meantime, click here to learn about other screening options.