As a team player, I know the importance of working hard together to succeed. We as Canadians collectively need to pull together in an effort to beat this disease and save thousands of lives.  -Pat Burns

Former NHL coach Patrick “Pat” Burns turned 58 last week- and a nation of hockey fans is hoping to have him live to see an induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame before he passes away. He beat colon cancer in 2004 and liver cancer in 2005. Now, he is battling lung cancer.

In just a few short weeks, the Facebook group dedicated to rallying for his Hockey Hall of Fame induction has reached nearly 56,000 members- an incredible outpouring of support for a incredibly strong man.

He kicked cancer’s butt twice after kicking enough butt to win the Stanley Cup with his team in 2003- let’s celebrate his achievements in and out of the rink!

Click here to read Pat Burns’ address on behalf of the CCAC- and make sure that hockey fans everywhere get the message about colorectal cancer screening.