It was the first, but it sure won’t be the last!

The CCAC is proud to announce that our first-ever International Public Service Announcement Contest is being judged right now by a distinguished panel from our friends at Ogilvy Montreal. They will be selecting one print submission and one video submission to receive the top honours. It won’t be easy! We received dozens and dozens of submissions overall. With so many Canadians being touched somehow by colorectal cancer, it’s only fitting that a chance to speak out about the disease is not to be missed.

After the cut, read up on some tips for creating your very own colorectal cancer PSA.

1. Do your research. Our site is one of the most informative sources of colorectal cancer knowledge, with sections on everything from dietary guidelines to screening to treatment options. Pick what kind of message you want to send and arm yourself with knowledge about it.

2. Pick your target audience. This year’s contest entries had target audiences of all age groups. Many entries were directed at those at the highest risk for the disease, but we were also thrilled to see messages directed at people in their teens and twenties.  Is your PSA directed at someone who has lots, just some, or zero knowledge about colorectal cancer? Is it aimed at those who are concerned about their health, or at those worried baout the health of their parents? The overall message and request for action should be tailored to the target viewer- see below.

3. Decide what kind of action you are asking from your target audience. A PSA generally asks for some kind of action from the viewer. Are you asking the viewer to urge their parents about screening? Ask their doctor for a colonoscopy? Pay more attention to their diet?  Write a colorectal cancer advocacy letter to their Member of Parliament? Or even just help spread the word about the disease?

4. Have fun with it! Though colorectal cancer is a very serious disease, your PSA can have elements of fun. Just look at some of 2010’s entries– many successfully use tasteful humour to create lasting impressions on the viewer. Light comedy is also a great way to ease tension about a topic many are uncomfortable discussing. Of course, your PSA can take on a serious tone as well- you are the creative director, and it’s your message about colorectal cancer.