Avastin is one of ten new drugs being added to Prince Edward Island’s provincial drug formulary, according to an announcement made this morning by the Hon. Carolyn Bertram, Minister of Health and Wellness. Effective July 1st, the formulary budget is increasing by over $1.3 million dollars, ensuring that Islanders of all income levels have access to the very best care.

You may recall the CCAC’s presence in PEI mere weeks ago. Minister Bertram strongly supported the advancement of colorectal cancer care at the CCAC’s legislative information session, which highlighted the importance of screening and access to Avastin and other targeted therapies  on April 14th. “We are increasing our drug programs budget to address the rising financial demands of Islanders. As Minister of Health and Wellness, I am committed to continue working to meet the health care needs of Islanders both for today and for the future.”

Says CCAC president Barry Stein, “The CCAC congratulates the Prince Edward Island government for making Avastin publicly accessible to colorectal cancer patients with advanced disease… In some cases, coupled with surgery, these patients may even find a cure. We are optimistic that the criteria to access the medication will be at least in line with the other provinces.”

See the official press release here.

See the CCAC’s official press release here.