How many Beatles puns could we possibly fit into a post about the latest Giant Colon Tour stop in Montreal?

We could spend Eight Days a Week talking about the importance of colorectal cancer prevention, but sometimes the Giant Colon says it all for us.

Yesterday, the CCAC took a trip back in time when Beatles tribute band Day Tripper stopped by for a photo-op and a quick Magical Mystery Tour of our 40-foot model of the human colon. We were there at the Salon des Baby Boomers Plus to spread vital information about the importance of healthy lifestyles and to let the 50+ public know that there’s no reason to Twist and Shout– a simple FOBT or colonoscopy offers minimal discomfort and can catch cancerous polyps at early, treatable stages. But, a little advice From Me To You – talk to your physician about screening earlier than 50 if you show symptoms or if you have a family history of the disease.