Troy Patterson photo - The Giant Colon was the highlight at the Bruce Power Wellness Fair last Wednesday, which was a feature of the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. The walk-through inflatable featured examples of colon cancer, hemorrhoids, polyps and Crohn's disease. Ontario Power Generation's Bobbi McGregor and Bruce Power's Sue Goetz and Catherine Williams demonstrate the size of the display by standing just within it.

How colon-smart is your workplace? The Giant Colon Tour stopped in at the Bruce Power Health & Wellness Fair in order to raise awareness in an Ontario region with a 14% higher colorectal cancer rate than the national average. The event was a joint venture with Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation, and it was an electrifying success.

More and more responsible and health-conscious businesses are holding health fairs and information sessions just like this.  As a result, more and more men and women are being armed with the knowledge they need to prevent, treat and beat colorectal cancer. Kudos to the many Canadian businesses putting keeping their minds on our behinds!

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