You’ve likely grown up hearing about the Canada’s Food Guide, but did you know that it’s now available in ten additional languages?  Or that each individual province has its own set of resources to help you eat nutritiously and maintain a healthy weight?

  • In addition to the HealthLink site, British Colombians can connect with a Registered Dietitian by dialing 8-1-1, or 7-1-1 for the hearing impaired.
  • The province of Alberta maintains its own site concerned with nutrition and exercise: It includes condition-specific guidelines for healthy eating.
  • Saskatchewan’s Healthline has very  in-depth section on weight management and nutrition, as well as testimonials from real Saskatchewanians.
  • Manitoba offers healthy eating guidelines for adults and senior citizens, including a helpful guide to reading nutrition labels.
  • Ontario residents can visit, or speak with a Registered Dietician by calling 1-877-510-5102. The service is available in English, French and over 100 other languages.
  • Quebec’s diet and nutrition site has a wealth of information, including a separate site for all your concerns regarding diabetes and comprehensive information relating to nutrition in pregnancy. In French only.
  • New Brunswick’s program, Healthy Eating Physical Activity Coalition (HEPAC, or CSAAP en français) hosts web seminars and has a comprehensive links list for educating members of your school, workplace or household.
  • Nova Scotia’s Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention site has a section with healthy eating links, and you may also be interested in 2005’s Healthy Eating Nova Scotia strategy.
  • Newfoundland has a section on their provincial site dedicated to healthy eating links. You may also be interested in perusing a report entitled Eating Healthier in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Islanders can benefit from educational resources and health-conscious recipes provided by Prince Edward Island’s Healthy Eating Alliance.
  • The Yukon’s nutrition site has a number of ideas for healthful eating, including many suggestions for managing the dietary needs of school-age children.
  • Nunavut has released Nutrition in Nunavut: A Framework for Action, as well as its territory-specific Healthy Eating in Nunavut guide.
  • The Northwest Territories hosts a page on Healthy Eating/Active Living, with links based on your age group’s needs.

For additional guidelines, consult the CCAC’s nutritional guide to decrease your colorectal cancer risk!

You may also be interested in finding a Registered Dietitian near you.