Beating Bowel Cancer and Bowel Cancer Australia have welcomed the addition of the CCAC, as well as the newly formed Beat Bowel Cancer New Zealand, to the international colorectal cancer alliance known as Bowel Cancer International. We are proud to be partnering with these organizations!

Together, the four charities will lead in the global fight against colorectal cancer, which weekly claims the lives of 320 people in the UK; 73 in Australia; 175 in Canada and 24 in New Zealand.  This alliance  will make it easier than ever for us to share information and resources, helping each organization in its advocacy efforts and program development

Says CCAC president Barry Stein, “International cooperation bringing together the best information available on colorectal cancer will help to bring about increased awareness in the prevention of the disease and support for patients undergoing treatment. This alliance will help further the role played by patient organizations in obtaining timely access to effective treatments with the goal of improving patient outcomes.”

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