British Columbians were reminded of the importance of colorectal cancer at a press conference held in Vancouver this morning. NDP Opposition Critic for Health Adrian Dix spoke out against the province’s slow response to the lifesaving facts regarding the efficacy of colorectal cancer screening. Colorectal cancer is the province’s second leading cause of cancer death.

Two of the CCAC’s dedicated Cancer Coaches were on hand to share their experiences with the disease and remind the public of the support and awareness programs offered by the CCAC. Ruth Tremblay and Doug Shirlaw were instrumental in reminding the public of the kinds of lives more complete screening measures could save. Click here to learn more about the Cancer Coach program.

“The study published in the CMAJ [Canadian Medical Association Journal] demonstrates that British Columbians have much to gain from implementing a colorectal cancer screening program. This is a sound, long term strategy for dealing with one of the deadliest cancers in this province. It is a smart solution that will protect generations of British Columbians by allowing us to target colorectal cancers early on,” Dix said. “The facts are all there, what’s missing is political will.”

The CCAC extends a warm thank you to Adrian Dix for his dedication to demanding better screening, and to all of those who participated in the press conference.

How do you feel about screening options of availability in your jurisdiction? The CCAC offers an Advocacy Toolkit to get you started.

Click here to read the official NDP press release.