Earlier this year, the Credit Valley Hospital hosted the Giant Colon Tour at the Bramalea City Centre. It turns out, they’re our biggest fans!  Along with the Giant Colon Tour crew, Credit Valley employees and volunteers were able to educate more than 7000 Brampton, Ontario residents about colorectal cancer and other pathologies of the colon. 7000!

To date, over 100,000 Canadians have made the possibly lifesaving journey through the Giant Colon.  How do we know? It turns out the Giant Colon has many friends! Among them is SenSource,

The Giant Colon Tour crew is able to keep 100% focused on one-on-one discussions with the public, while SenSource’s people counters do all the work. After all, who wants to do headcounts when  they can count smiles instead?

Do you want the Giant Colon in your community? Contact Adrian Mitchell, Director of National Exhibits: adrienm@colorectal-cancer,ca