The Giant Colon continues its tour across Canada with a stop on Christian Island, a large island in Ontario’s Georgian Bay. The Island is home to the Beausoleil First Nation, a Chippewa people.  Throughout most of the year, the island’s population is about 700 people, a number that swells during the summer months due to tourism,

An astounding 674 member of the community came to learn about the pathologies of the colon! Young and old alike were gathered for the Beausoleil Health Fair, an educational event that took place on Thursday, August 5th.

A morning prayer was led by Leon King, followed by an opening ceremony by the newly elected Head Chief Roland Monague. Also in attendance were Alethea Kewayosh from the Aboriginal Cancer Strategy (of Cancer Care Ontario), Rina Chuya-Alanag, Population Screening Manager for the Strategy and Fire Chief Alan Manitowabi.

After the cut, you’ll find pictures from the incredible, eye-opening day-long event.