Did you know that the CCAC has a full-time Research & Education Specialist? Along with our Medical Advisory Board, this individual is a vital link between medical research and the many patients who come to our site seeking information about colorectal cancer screening, treatment and prevention. Below, you’ll find a selection of this month’s selected journal article summaries. A gift to you from our Research & Education Specialist!  Click here to catch up on previous months’ selected articles.


  • Testing for Kras Mutation is Helpful for Advanced Colorectal Cancer
  • Phase III Trial for Davanat Begins
  • New U.S. Phase I Study Involving Reolysin Opens
  • Evaluating Systemic Therapy for Peritoneal Mets Using PSDSS


  • Longer Intervals Between Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation and Rectal Cancer Surgery
  • Delaying Chemo After Surgery is Not Beneficial


  • Research Highlights Benefits of Colonoscopies
  • High Endoscopy Completion Rates Tied to Fewer Missed Colorectal Cancers
  • Update Provided on PillCam Colon 2


  • Quality of Life of Patients Undergoing Screening


  • Canadian Colorectal Cancer Survival Rates Among the Highest
  • Mutation Identification Helpful in Treating Colorectal Cancer
  • IBD and PSC Patients At Risk for Colorectal Cancer


  • High Levels of Blood Folate Linked to Tumor Suppressors
  • A Healthy Lifestyle Leads to Less Colorectal Cancer
  • Consistent Exercise Can Prevent Colorectal Cancer
  • Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Colorectal Cancer
  • Calcium Can Help with Polyps