It’s one of the myths we constantly have to debunk- the truth is, colorectal cancer isn’t just “a man’s disease.” Women account for approximately 45% of CRC cases and CRC deaths.

Take Canada for instance- last year an estimated 22,500 Canadians (12,400 men – 10,100 women) were diagnosed. In total, 9100 Canadians (4,100 of them women) lost their lives. Source: Canadian Cancer Society: Canadian Cancer Statistics 2010.

In a disease where early screening saves lives, how can we afford to let nearly half our population remain in the dark?

Help us celebrate International Women’s Day. Teach a woman you care about that healthy lifestyle choices can decrease her risk of colorectal cancer. If she’s over 50 or experiencing symptoms, urge her to get screened. Remind her that taking steps to prevent colorectal cancer may prolong her life and allow her to continue to celebrate the achievements of women well into her elder years.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and 2011 marks the 100-year anniversary of this yearly celebration of women. Click here to learn more.