Did you know that the CCAC has a full-time Research & Education Specialist? Along with our Medical Advisory Board, this individual is a vital link between medical research and the many patients who come to our site seeking information about colorectal cancer screening, treatment and prevention. Below, you’ll find a selection of this month’s selected journal article summaries. A gift to you from our Research & Education Specialist!  Click here to catch up on previous months’ selected articles.


  • New Phase I Study from Lorus Therapeutics
  • Gene Discovered Hindering Oxaliplatin Action
  • Erbitux Shows Long Term Survival Benefit When Administered with Folfox
  • New Phase I/II Trial Initiated for Kras Mutation Patients
  • Clinical Trial Involving Tivozanib Yielded Positive Results at ASCO GI
  • AVANT Study Finds No Benefit From Avastin in Stage III Colon Cancer
  • Chemo Delay Puts Lives at Risk in Colon Cancer
  • Phase I Results of ARQ 197 c-MET Inhibitor
  • Bone Drugs Reduce Risk of CRC
  • Reducing Hypersensitivity Reactions from Oxaliplatin Therapy
  • KRAS Mutation May Promote Lung Mets in Patients with Curatively Resected Colorectal Cancer
  • IROX Not Superior to Folfiri in First Line Therapy for Advanced Colorectal Cancer
  • Avastin Increases the Number of Fatal Events
  • Comparing Preoperative and Postoperative Chemoradiotherapy for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer


  • Cure Still Possible with Liver Mets
  • Resection of Liver Mets & Survival
  • Fast Track Management of Colorectal Surgery
  • Palliative Care for Colorectal Obstruction in Patients with Unresectable Metastatic Disease
  • Liver Surgeries for the Elderly


  • Response to Radiation Therapy Found to be Linked to a Gene


  • OnkoSure by Radient Pharma Undergoing Clinical Trial Phase
  • Stage II Colon Cancer Risk Test
  • GCC Assay Can Predict Risk of Colon Cancer Recurrence
  • Aspirin Boosts Accuracy of FOBT
  • Missed Polyps During Colonoscopy Studied
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening Recommendations for First Degree Relatives
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening Using Dogs
  • Colonoscopy Effective Screening Tool


  • Better Communication Urged in Advanced Cancer
  • Chemobrain or Chemofog is Real
  • Depression, Anxiety and Adjustment Disorder in Cancer


  • Anemia May be an Indicator for Colon Cancer
  • Online Calculator Tool For CRC Treatment Decisions
  • Treating Metastatic Colorectal Cancer- Expert Opinion
  • Reduced Inflammation Lowers Colon Cancer Risk


  • School Milk Can Help to Prevent Colorectal Cancer
  • Obesity & C Reactive Protein Affect Survival After Colon Cancer
  • Smoking Can Be a Source of Stress for Cancer Patients
  • Vitamin D Linked to Colon Cancer Protection
  • Lack of Sleep is Identified as a Risk Factor for CRC