Are you ready to Graffiti Get Down?

The event is being planned and executed by 2nd year Special Events Planning Students at George Brown College in Toronto, and we hear it’s going to be a blast!

GGD is all about the four pillars of hip hop (emceeing, DJ’ing, breaking, graffiti) and showcasing those pillars. Our purpose is to raise money for the George Brown College first year Special Events Students, and this year an amazing 20% of the proceeds will support Sophie’s Run, an initiative benefiting the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada.

Just four years ago, one of our professors at George Brown College, Nicole Chuchmach’s mother Sophie, passed away from colorectal cancer. During her mother’s illness and to help with the pain, Nicole started to run and she continued to run to help with the pain and grief of her mother’s passing. In 2008 Nicole started a charity, Sophie’s Run, to keep the legacy of her mother alive. Nicole and a team of runners, with the support of the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada, ran from Milton ON to NewYork City raising $175, 000 dollars in honour of Sophie.

We also want to honour Sophie, and the courageand strength of both her and Nicole, by donating 20% of our funds raised from GGD.

Please join these incredible young crusaders for a fab night of live urban culture featuring a breakdancing competition and graffiti art raffles. You can also see what it feels like to be bad-to-the-bone and create your own grafitti masterpiece on site. You’ll be supporting George Brown College Special Events Scholarship fund and Sophie’s Run, two very worthy causes!

You can reach Graffiti Get Down on their brand-new Twitter account, @GraffitiGetDown.