The CCAC is proud to introduce Pat and Lauren Connors, children of the late, great Jim Connors. Their event promises to be a 6-pack of fun!


My Dad, Jim Connors—my idol, my hero—fought for two years against the injustice that was his own disease, Colon Cancer, and against the injustice of a healthcare system in Nova Scotia where certain life-extending drugs (in his case Avastin) were available only to those who could afford them.

Dad felt it patently unfair that his life would be extended because he could afford the drug, while others who could not afford it, would do without and die sooner.  He advocated for that wrong to be righted.

Dad lost his personal battle before the other was won.  He passed away in April 2008.  A few months later the Nova Scotia government announced that it would fund Avastin.

Dad’s passing continues to leave a void—a void I know will never be entirely filled.  However, those who knew and loved Dad are sustained by our memories of him and the legacy he left behind—a legacy of service to his community and devotion to those in need.

In the spirit of Dad’s legacy, my sister, Lauren, and I are committing to raise $20,000 to “Crunch out Colon Cancer.”  Joined by family and friends, we will do a session of ‘8 Minute Abs’ for every $80.00 that we raise.  (Don’t know what 8 Minute Abs is? Check it here, Gang!

Through this event we aim to raise money, awareness and spread a message that although Colon Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in Canada, it doesn’t have to be!  If caught early—through screening it is preventable, treatable and beatable.

Click here to read the news story announcing Nova Scotians’ victory.

Our aim is to keep our father’s legacy alive.  We’re asking you to join us by spreading the word, volunteering your time to collect pledges, or donating some money to help.

Please email us ( to get involved!

Your financial support can be made to either organization on CanadaHelps.

Together we can “Crunch Out Colon Cancer!”