If your case was deemed terminal, how would you spend your last few days, weeks, or months of life?

This was just one of the difficult questions on a national survey commissioned by the CCAC.  Entitled “Weighing Quality of Life in Cancer”, the survey found that an astounding 80% of Canadians were touched by some kind of cancer, either personally or through a friend or relative- and that quality of life during treatment is a top priority.

But what is “quality of life”?

It  turns out that “quality of life” is  a complex issue that encompasses social, economic and cultural components. For example, one of the top challenges respondents cited was the difficulty of obtaining adequate government benefits and insurance to cover the costs of their treatment. Others found greatest difficulty in finding adequate emotional and psychological support.

On that note, we stand by our assertion that a supported patient is a well-coping patient. Call us at 1-877-50-COLON (26566) to be put in touch with one of our highly trained Cancer Coaches.

We look forward to publishing the full results of our survey soon, but click here to read more in the meantime.