Meet Nicole Chuchmach. Three years ago, she covered an astounding 780 kilometers in Sophie’s Run, an initiative in honour of her late mother.  It was Sophie Cuchmach’s determination that inspired Nicole  and her team to run from their hometown of Milton, Ontario to New York City.  The following is an excerpt from Nicole’s journal.


This is an insert from my journal that I wanted to share to stress the importance of early screening for this treatable and beatable disease.  Watching my mom die to colorectal cancer has forever changed both my life and the lives of my family.

“As I write that I am not ready to let her leave this earth, deep down I know that she is ready to go.  She is no longer the mom that I remember.  Her body has been invaded on the inside by a silent killer that has now surfaced to the outside.  We all thought she developed shingles on her groin area.  Shingles were our sign of hope but this slowly diminished when we realized that her cancer had surfaced on the outside instead.  The silent killer is now mounting and escalating into a ravaging monster.  This monster can no longer be contained and is killing my mom before my eyes. “

Losing my mom to colorectal cancer in 2006 is a day that I will never forget.  I would give anything to hear her voice and to feel her hands as she would hug to comfort me or cheer me on to celebrate my successes.   Although I struggled after her death, I now look to find the positive in remembering a lady that had an influence on my life and who continues to shine in the lives of others.  Mother’s Day is bitter-sweet for me.  I feel guilty that our family and my mom ignored the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer but I feel a sense of pride in educating the public in order to keep our loved ones (and our mothers) here with us longer.  It is now my mission and my passion to prevent others from living the same fate that our family had to endure.  To my mom… Happy Mother’s Day.  I will never forget you and I promise to carry on your fight.  For more information please visit

-Nicole Chuchmach