Pat and Lauren Connors (Dartmouth, NS) brought us on a trip down memory lane with Crunch Out Colon Cancer, a fundraiser inspired by the fabulously campy 8 Minute Abs. This event was put on in memory of Jim Connors,  hero and loving father to Pat and Lauren. Jim lost his life to colon cancer.

Why they raised money:

“To keep our father’s legacy—of dedication to his community and to those in need—alive. [T]o spread a message that Colon Cancer is treatable and beatable—when caught early through screening. All proceeds will be shared between the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society.”

How they did it:

Through an abs-athon, of course!  Lauren and Pat (and friends!) did a grueling session of 8 minute abs (above) for every $80 raised. With so much community support for the event, we bet their obliques are now anything but weak!

Check out the pics from the event- we hear it was a whole six-pack of fun!