Exercise. We hear ad nauseum of how it is good for the heart, good for your mental state and a good way to keep your weight in check. In fairness, the list of benefits is long and for good reason. But here’s one that doesn’t usually get talked about: exercise keeps you pooping. And honestly, is there anything more glorious? When you aren’t as regular as you could be, well, you know it and it is uncomfortable. The bloating, the gas pains and just feeling out of sorts. It is terrible. Why put up with that when moving your booty will keep everything inside, well, moving too.

I am always amazed at how it works. I just combine some booty action (of any type) with veggies in my diet I am a pooping princess. And with that, life is just such a good thing.

Don’t take my word on it. Do yourself a favour and get off the couch or step away from your desk. You don’t need to run a marathon (although I am a fan — sure keeps my booty booting) but there are simple ways you can sneak in some extra moves into your daily life.

Is there anything easier than fitting walking into your day? It is cheap, only requires solid shoes and is easy on your joints (and every other part of your body for that matter). The general rule is the faster you walk the more benefits you’ll get. Walk briskly (anywhere between 5 km and 6 km an hour) and your body will thank you. Walking can be a great social enhancer too. Grab a friend and catch up and burn some calories. And you can do that during your lunch break.

Walking is also a great way to slow down and admire the world around you. Crank it up a notch by throwing in some hills or even hiking and you’ll have a great addition to your daily life — including great visits to the loo. Need some great paths? Check out the Trans Canada Trail http://tctrail.ca for ideas.

There are many ways to slip exercise in your life (including booty calls!) and I plan on sharing some of those ways to get your heart rate up and keep you regular. Always remember that whatever you choose to do, especially with all this heat, it is critical to drink a lot of water. If you don’t hydrate, you can constipate.

Until next time, shake your booty.

Jennifer Hartley is a features writer and copy editor for Ottawa Life Magazine and writer for Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Previously she was theatre editor for Ottawa Xpress and now defunct Metro newspaper and has written articles for a variety of magazines across the country and abroad in the United Kingdom.