This year in Quebec, an estimated 6,200 men and women will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer (CRC), and 2,450 will die from CRC. Given that the incidence and mortality rates of CRC in Quebec are among the highest in the world, the best opportunity to reduce the burden of this disease is through screening.

Researchers are working to provide answers about CRC screening.

How effective is screening? What options are available for CRC screening? What factors are associated with getting screened? What parts of the colonoscopy experience do people consider important? How long should I wait for screening before getting worried?

Come join the discussion with 3 scientific and medical experts in the field. Learn about CRC, provincial CRC screening programs, and the most current research findings in CRC screening. This is your chance to ask questions and get the most up-to-date information. Don’t miss it!

Hosted by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre in collaboration with CIHR.