Despite scattered clouds and drizzling rain, 100 participants braved the weather to “Get Out There and Move” last Saturday in support of the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada’s (CCAC) activity filled day long event promoting healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention.

The event took place at the Beaver Lake Pavillon in Mont-Royal Park, Montreal and raised $8,203 for the association.

For a minimum donation of $25 participants had a wide range of activities and fitness classes to choose from that were guaranteed to get their butts moving in one way or another.

Whether it was Yoga, Pilates, Biking, Hiking, Kickboxing, Zumba, Bootcamp, Essentrics, or taking a group walk with your dog – there was something for everyone! And at the end of it all, a delicious and healthy lunch was given to each participant.

Special guest Janna Boloten, Nutritionist was also on site to provide valuable insight on healthy eating habits and cancer preventing foods.

With the right combination of diet and regular exercise everyone can lower their risk of developing colorectal cancer or other diseases. Whether or not you were able to join us last week, we encourage you to find any outdoor activity that you love and make it part of your weekly routine this summer.

Special thanks to all our sponsors including Broccolini, Dorchester Investment Management, Pembroke, Canderel, Richter and the I-store, out outstanding trainers and group leaders, and our dedicated participants, some even all the way from Ottawa, that put their blood sweat and tears into making the event both fun and educational.

To view the entire event photo album please visit our facebook page.