Some Stage 4 CRC patients’ observations after 7 years!

1: Life is the journey, cancer is but a series of speed bumps and detours.
2: Cancer is a team sport! With all the different doctors and medical professionals
involved, it’s easy to lose control. As the patient, be the team coach! No the puck!
3: Pay no attention to life expectancy statistics. They are all out of date and your
objective is to prove them wrong anyway!
4: Ask the doctors lots of questions. If you don’t understand the answers ask them to
explain. If they don’t, get another doctor! If you’re unsure, get a second opinion!
Remember you’re the coach in the most important game, your life!
5: Join a support group. Share your experiences and learn from others. You are not
alone. Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing.

Anonymous CCAC Patient, April 17, 2013
20 months life expectancy November 2006