During the entire month of March, this busy pharmacy on Montreal’s South Shore promoted colorectal cancer awareness to all their clients and employees by erecting signage and making educational pamphlets available to them. On March 18th, an information booth was set up at the entrance of the store and clients were greeted by knowledgeable staff members and a representative of the CCAC who chatted with them about prevention and screening. A raffle was held and three recipe books titled “Preventing Cancer” by Richard Béliveau were featured as prizes.

The employees were extremely enthusiastic in the preparation for this special day which was held in honour of one of their colleagues who is undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer. They exhibited their culinary skills by preparing their special dishes and serving them at a huge buffet in the employee cafeteria. The employees donated generously for the privilege of eating such a delicious array of food.

A total of $1,305.00 was collected from all the activities and was presented to CCAC representative Frank Pitman.
Thank you to all the fabulous employees and clients who contributed to making this such a special event.