How much do you know about the CCAC’s Cancer Coach program?

1. The Cancer Coach program is a nation-wide support initiative providing vital psychosocial support and information to colorectal cancer patients;

2. The program’s objective is to help colorectal cancer patients better cope with their disease and regain a sense of control; and

3. It’s just one piece of the  incredible Scotiabank Support Program for Patients and Families.

The Cancer Coaches are here for you, whether you’re newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment or helping a loved one beat the disease.  A simple call to the CCAC, and we can connect you with a Cancer Coach in your community. It’s good to know that you have yet another ally in the fight against colorectal cancer. To be connected with a Cancer Coach, call us at 1-877-50-COLON.

Look out, Toronto. Our Cancer Coaches are coming  to the megacity for a jam-packed training session from May 19th – 21st.  These committed individuals, many of them survivors themselves, will be learning vital skills to take back to their communities all across Canada. What kind of things are on their agenda?

-How to Identify and Manage Distressed Patients;

-An Overview of Basic Anatomy (understanding the GI tract, pathogenesis of the disease, locations of metastatic sites);

-Review of Colorectal Cancer Approved Therapies (chemotherapy, biologics, small molecules, predictive & prognostic biomarkers, etc. Plus, jurisdictional differences in reimbursement for therapies);

-Presentation of Clinical Research;

-Presentations from surgical oncologists, radiology specialists, and other experts; etc.

And that’s just a small sample of the knowledge that these individuals will be taking back with them to their communities. Contact us to learn more about the program, including how you can apply to be a Cancer Coach next year.