File this under weird, wacky and true- a very generous contest hopeful and potential CCAC donor needs your help!

Mark Stewart is an excellent example of a person using the tools he has attempt to make change.  He’s entered the Doritos Viralocity contest with the dream of using the prize money to support charities like the CCAC. You can help by spreading the word about his contest entry- in fact, the winning video will be chosen by its number of views!

To explain his quest, visit the site he has set up, Learn about how he lost his mother to cancer, his life with Crohn’s disease and about how he’s giving back. He also expalins the contest in more detail, and lists the charities he will donate the prize money to.

Then, view his submission at Use the page’s Facebook, Twitter and Digg buttons to easily share it with your friends!  Viral marketing, the concept this contest is based on, means getting the message out through word-of-mouth. The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada is no stranger to the concept, and we need your help, too.

What an inspiration Mark Stewart is! Using the unlikeliest of methods, he could make a real difference. Let’s help him with his Crazy, Cheezy Dream! And let’s hope that he uses his talent in the CCAC’s PSA Contest, too!