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Colorectal cancer is a major health issue for Canadians. Thousands of people are diagnosed with the disease every year and millions more are affected such as the family and friends of loved ones who suffer from the disease.

As the Minister of Health, I urge Canadians to learn about the risks of colorectal cancer, and to discuss the benefits of cancer screening with their physicians. Increased awareness and screening can reduce the number of Canadians that are diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year.

An estimated 20,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2006, and about 8,500 will die of the disease. Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer, and the third most common form of cancer among both men and women.

Our government is committed to doing our part by implementing the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control. We will invest $260 million over the next five years to help improve screening and prevention; enhance funding for research activities; and help coordinate efforts with the provinces, territories, and with cancer care advocacy groups.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, I would like to thank the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada for its dedication. We value our ongoing collaboration, and together we will continue to take positive steps in improving the quality of life of colorectal cancer patients and increasing awareness of the disease.

Tony Clement Minister of Health

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