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Gaye Stanley’s Poems

Gaye Stanley’s Poems

Race For Life

I am at his mercy now,

As he runs at the speed of sound.

You have another spot ,says he.

My stomach churns round and round.

The sweat pours off my brow, as

My heart runs a faster pace,

Another spot,he laughs and laughs,

I am again in the race.

Cancer seems in the lead...

But I suddenly have an edge,

I will win this race, that to you I pledge.

I have friends who need to know,

That I can run faster that you.

I will be strong and finish first,

Cancer, I bid you adieu.

You constantly come to frighten me,

But I say Goodbye to you.

Hello to a stronger newer me.

Who will always outrun you.

Continuing the race for life for all of my friends .

Run with me, we are faster than the beast.

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