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Gaye Stanley’s Poems

Gaye Stanley’s Poems

The Last Dance

I swirled across the floor with you,

As I looked into your eyes,

You were like a past lover,

Your face was full of lies.

Still the dance continued as we seemed

To dip and dive,

The rythmn got much faster,

I was starting to feel alive.

You motioned that we must slow down,

I caught my breath again,

Suddenly it was a salsa,

I was entering the Lion’s den.

Your face was full of fury,

That I could keep up with you.

So we cha cha chaed and ooh laa laad,

And finally I heard you spew,

"You think you are quite the dancer,

But you can’t keep up with Cancer",

And you smiled that awful smile.

I was your partner for this time,

But ,Cancer, it is a crime,

To know someone like you.

So you have had the very last dance,

You’ve had your very last chance,

To sweep me off my feet.

I will dance a solo, but you I can defeat.

Cancer, that was the last dance.

Always dance to your own rythmn. Cancer can be beaten and I am living proof.

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